Monday, January 4, 2010

Edited & Fixed

To my surprise I found the version of 'Hell' by Fr. F.X. Schouppe, S.J. (a tremendous author, whose books change the lives and salvation of souls) was an incomplete and partially edited copy.

I vaguely recalled meaning to fix it, and could not remember if I had in fact done so and during site maintenance actually uploaded an old copy, or if I had forgotten and never done so.

I took a look at what I had, and decided I did not have a good enough complete copy to upload.

So now, 'Hell' is available for download in full, revised and edited for type. It is much more readable, and complete.

Tan Books publishes a version of this book, with additions not available here from other authors on the subject, and I recommend it.

Fr. F.X. Schouppe's 'Purgatory' is one of the best books for any soul to read, his book 'Hell' is shorter and starker. If you have not yet read 'Purgatory', read it first, and then proceed on to 'Hell' next.

We could only wish that Fr. Schouppe had also collected a similar book of excerpts from the lives of the saints about Heaven.

It is true however "Eye has not seen. . ."

If in my time working on Saints' Quotes I come up with sufficient material, I will try to make a similar effort to that which Fr. Schouppe has so far.

If you like 'Hell' you should consider donating to Saints' Books. There are some other good works on the subject that if we could afford to acquire them, we would make available to you and all.

Because some of these old works are rare and antiquarian it is not always a slight expense to make them available.

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