Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Meditation and Prayers for Christmas

Enter into the sanctuary, the divine interior of the holy Infant Jesus, and learn to form yours according to it. All divine, noble, humble, simple, generous, recollected, and detached from the world. His every thought and intention are solely directed to His Father s glory. There you will find no idle thoughts and projects no vanities or selfseeking no suspicious thoughts contrary to charity.

ADORABLE interior of the Infant Jesus! I revere You from my heart. How do You confound our pride and human wisdom! Ah, teach me, divine Jesus, after Your example, to despise the world, and not to seek the eyes of others in my devotion. You, O my God!  humbly conceal the treasures of grace and wisdom contained in Your divine mind, taking on Yourself the appearance of weakness, ignorance, and incapacity. Oh, heal my pride; remove my blindness and ignorance of interior things dissipate my darkness destroy my worldly notions and render my thoughts, views, desires, and sentiments like to Yours. Amen.

O BLESSED parents of the Infant Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, if we came to solicit you to obtain for us worldly prosperity, joys, honors, and comforts, our sighs could never reach the cradle of a God, poor, humble even to annihilation, forgotten, suffering, weak, and lying in a manger; but these are not our desires or petitions. No; we humbly and earnestly implore you to beg for us, at the crib of your Infant Son, that, like Him. and as His true and faithful followers, we may love to live in true humility dis engagement from creatures contempt of the world and its vanities constant recollection of the holy presence of God fervor and fidelity in all our duties and in the practice of the tenderest charity to all persons. May we never blush at the humility of the crib, nor at the poverty and simplicity of Bethlehem. May we ever rejoice at our happy lot as true spouses of Jesus Christ: ever in tender charity look with a compassionate eye on those who live but for this world, and continually pray that all may come to bless, to praise, and to love the Saviour Who comes to redeem them.

Infant Jesus, poor and simple, grant our petition!
Infant Jesus, humble and obedient, grant our petition!
Infant Jesus, silent and recollected, grant our petition!
Infant Jesus, inflamed with love for us, grant our petition!
Holy Mother of the Infant Jesus, pray for us!
Blessed St. Joseph, pray for us!
All ye saints, devoted to the Holy Infancy of Jesus, pray for us!

O BLESSED Heart of the Infant Jesus! I adore and love you as the center of all hearts, and humbly entreat you to give me grace henceforth to rest and repose in you, as in my true home. May you be my oratory, in which, and through which, I shall offer to the Eternal Father all my requests, that He may receive them more propitiously  May you be my school, wherein I may learn that celestial science so different from worldly wisdom those pure principles which lead to the interior life. In fine, may you, O Sacred Heart! be my treasury, and may I find abundant riches in your poverty, love, suffering, and fidelity. Amen.

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