Sunday, September 14, 2014

Flowers For Our Lady's Altar on Candlemas Day

Flowers For Our Lady's Altar on Candlemas Day
by Sister P.

THERE are ways, our Lady knows them.
And her children all should know
How to find a flower for Mary
Underneath the deepest snow.

How to weave a lovely garland.
Winter though it be, and cold.
How to buy the rarest offering
Costing something, but not gold.

How to buy, and buy them dearly.
Gifts that she will love to take.
Nor to grudge the cost but give it
Cheerfully for Mary's sake.

Does this seem so strange an offering.
Nay, indeed, 'tis something new:
All can give her noble presents.
Shall I tell you of a few?

What were those the Magi offered.
Gold and myrrh and frankincense ?
They, you say, were saints and monarchs.
That makes quite a difference.

Well, 'tis sometimes hard to listen
To a word unkind or cold,
And to smile a loving answer:
Do it, and you give her gold.

Thoughts of her in work or study
Are small grains of incense rare:
Cast upon a burning censer.
Rise in perfumed clouds of prayer.

Here are sometimes bitter fancies.
Little murmurs that will stir
Even a loving heart -- but crush them.
And you give our Lady myrrh.

Give your little crosses to her,
Which each day, each hour, befall;
They remind her of her Jesus,
So ghe loves them best of all.

Some seem very poor and worthless,
Yet, however small and slight,
Given to her by one who loves her
They are precious in her sight.

One may be so hard to carry
That your hands will bleed and smart
Go and take it to her altar,
Go and place it in her heart.

Check your tears, and try to love it,
Love it as His sacred will;
Thus you set your crown with jewels,
Make your gift more precious still.

There are souls, alas too many,
Who forgot that Jesus died.
Who forgot that sin forever
Is the lance to pierce His side.

Ah!  poor sinners, Mary loves them,
And she knows no royal gem
Half so noble, or so precious,
As the prayers you say for them.

Then resign some little pleasure,
Give it her instead to win
Help for some poor heart in peril,
Grace for some poor soul in sin.

Flowers! I should never finish
If I tried to count them too,
If I told you how to know them,
In what garden plot they grew.

Yet I think that each one guesses
They are emblems, and we trace
In the loveliest and the rarest,
Acts of love and gifts of grace.

And such flowers will never wither,
They are not of mortal birth,
And such garlands given to Mary
Die not like the gifts of earth.

Surely now you cannot tell me
That you have no gift to lay
At the feet of our dear mother,
Any hour, any day.

Give her now, to-day, forever,
One great gift, the first and best;
Give your heart to her and ask her
How to give her all the rest.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Now prepared in the Selections section --

HEAVEN  - 103 Quotations from the Saints and Holy Scriptures on Heaven.

'And as they went on, walking and talking together, behold a fiery chariot, and fiery horses parted them both asunder: and Elias went up by a whirlwind into heaven.'

4 Kings 2:11

'How beautiful to look upon is the starry firmament! Yet it is only the portal of the blessed country where I hope to go one day.'

St. Paul of the Cross

There shall not enter into it any thing defiled, or that worketh abomination or maketh a lie, but they that are written in the book of life of the Lamb.'

Apocalypse 21:27

Sunday, October 20, 2013

3 Prayers

Psalm 113
of the Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary
by St. Bonaventure

In the going forth of my soul from this world:
meet it, O Lady, and receive it.

Console it with thy holy countenance:
let not the sight of the demons terrify it.

Be to it a ladder to Heaven:
and a straight way to the Paradise of God.

Obtain for it from the Father the pardon of peace:
and a throne of light among the servants of God.

Uphold the devout before the tribunal of Christ:
take their cause into thy hands.

Psalm 125
of the Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary
by St. Bonaventure

When thou shalt turn thy most serene countenance upon us:
thou shalt rejoice us, O virginal Mother of God.

Blessed be thou, O treasury of Christ:
above all women upon earth.

Blessed be thy glorious name:
which the mouth of the Lord hath wonderfully named.

Let not thy praise fail from our lips:
nor thy charity from our hearts.

Those who love thee will be blessed by God:
and those who wish to love thee, will not be defrauded of their confidence.

Act of Petition
from the Small Roman Missal

ADORABLE Saviour, "in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, and all the fullness of the Godhead dwelleth corporally," consider my many wants, and grant me those graces which Thou knowest I stand in need of to do Thy will in all things.

Thou knowest my weakness and the necessity which I endure; in how great evils and vices I am immersed: how often I am oppressed, tempted, troubled and defiled. To Thee I come for remedy. I pray to Thee for comfort and succour. I speak to Him that knows all things; to Whom all that is within me is manifest, and Who alone can perfectly comfort and help me. Thou knowest what good things I stand most in need of, and how poor I am in virtues.

Behold I stand before Thee poor and naked, begging Thy grace, and imploring Thy mercy. Feed Thy hungry suppliant; inflame my coldness with the fire of Thy love; enlighten my blindness with the brightness of Thy presence.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Word Cloud of the Saints

A little word cloud of the quotes of the saints.

Click to see the larger image.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Catholic Modesty

The Catholic Modesty resources are continuing to expand, offering more and more hope for those seeking to know and embrace the true life of Christian modesty.

'Glory not in apparel at any time, and be not exalted in the day of thy honour: for the works of the Highest only are wonderful, and his works are glorious, and secret, and hidden.'

Ecclesiasticus 11:4 

Of special note are St. Jean Baptiste de Salle's coverage of modesty and decorum and the quotations from Our Lord Himself in the Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden.

And how great the penalty is for a single work of immodest art is revealed in the excerpt from the Rev. F.X. Schouppe, S.J.'s priceless book, 'Purgatory'.

'It is surprising that most Christians look upon decorum and politeness as merely human and worldly qualities and do not think of raising their minds to any higher views by considering them as virtues that have reference to God, to their neighbor, and to themselves.

This illustrates very well how little true Christianity is found in the world and how few among those who live in the world are guided by the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Still, it is this Spirit alone which ought to inspire all our actions, making them holy and agreeable to God'

St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Miraculous Infant of Prague Prayer
Composed by Rev. Cyrillus a Matre Dei
The first and most devoted venerator of the
Holy Infant of Prague

Jesus unto Thee I flee,
Through Thy Mother praying Thee,
In my need to succor me.
Truly, I believe of Thee
God Thou art with strength to shield me;
Full of trust, I hope of Thee
Thou Thy grace wilt give to me.
All my heart I give to Thee,
Therefore, do my sins repent me;
From them breaking, I beseech Thee,
Jesus, from their bonds to free me.
Firm my purpose is to mend me;
Never more will I offend Thee.
Wholly unto Thee I give me,
Patiently to suffer for Thee,
Thee to serve eternally.
And my neighbor like to me
I will love for love of Thee.
Little Jesus, I beseech Thee,
In my need to succor me,
That with Joseph and with Mary
And the angels, I may Thee
Once enjoy eternally.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Infant Jesus


Infant Jesus meek and mild
look on me a little child.
Pity mine and pity me,
suffer me to come to Thee.

Heart of Jesus I adore Thee,
heart of Mary I implore thee,
heart of Joseph pure and just,
in these three hearts I place my trust.


Infant Jesus come to me,
That I may good and happy be;
My heart is small; for Thee my all,
For Thee, dear Jesus, Holy Child.

What father, mother, teacher say,
I'll do at once, yes, right away,
All that they will, I must fulfil,
For love of Thee, dear Jesus, Child.

Should wicked satan to me say,
"Come, little friend, do walk my way,"
I'll say No! No! I can not go,
I'll only go with Jesus Child.


Holy Mary, Mother mild,
O sweet, sweet Mother!
Hear, O hear, thy feeble child,
O sweet, sweet Mother!


Jesus, teach me how to pray,
Send distractions far away,
Suffer not my thoughts to stray,
Sweet holy Child.

Let me not be rude or wild,
Make me humble, meek, and mild,
Pure as angels undefiled,
Sweet holy Child.

When I work or when I play,
Be Thou with me through the day,
Teach me what to do and say,
Sweet holy Child.

Make me love Thy Mother blest,
Safe beneath her care to rest,
As a bird within its nest,
Sweet holy Child.

When the hour of death is nigh,
Then may Mary standing by
Take me in her arms to die,
Sweet holy Child.

So through all eternity,
Will I bless their charity,
Who first led my steps to Thee,
Sweet holy Child.


The beginning is from Father John Joseph Furniss. He's written a number of good books, including a short and simple one on how to make a good Confession. It includes how to make a good act of contrition.