Saturday, October 18, 2014


God is a patriarch, the priesthood is a patriarchy, and His natural design for human society and the family, is patriarchy.

Therefore patriarchy is fundamentally good. As a Catholic, and also a simple human being defending natural law, it is necessary to promote, respect, embrace and love this patriarchal design.

Any lack of realization, respect, and promotion of this is therefore is a fundamental and serious problem that is quite destructive.

For example family obedience requires obedience to the husband and father, under pain of sin. If this is forgotten the family does not and cannot function properly. And it is an act of virtue, this obedience, and so a good, which sanctifies the wife and children, so not simply a negative. Their holiness is gained from the virtue of obedience.

It is natural society and government reflect the family.

When people ask, why not ordain women, and the answer is given 'We don't know, we just don't because Christ didn't.' This given alone is a poor answer that likely shows lack of knowledge or other grave failure. The answer is the good of patriarchy.

The profound failing in these times is a lack of love and ardent promotion of the good of patriarchy. When patriarchy is embraced the natural design of all the relations of society settle in their proper place. Dear reader, let not the sin of omission of its love and defense be accountable to thee.

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