Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Leaps. . .

Saints' Quotes has seen two great leaps forwards recently.. if you will pardon the often misused expression.

Two books of quotations of the saints in the public domain have been added.. Normally progress is regular but slow, 5 or 10 quotes one day, perhaps 20 or 30 the next as I take quotations from the various books of the saints (or good old Lolly contributes a quote), then a pause as I turn to one of the other two sites..

But now and then I find an entire book of quotations of saints and I quickly go through it, normally putting in all or almost all the quotations, and then the database leaps forwards.

Of all the sites Saints' Prayers is in third place in construction progress.. or second, since Saints' Quotes truly is not under major construction anymore, though still awaiting some further features such as 'Selections' for meditation and reference on various subjects. I.E. if you're looking for everything that many saints have had to say on purity, the fewness of the saved, etc. a list of quotations on the topic.

But I have stalled on the Saints' Prayers prayerbook, and it is much more difficult to enter prayers in Saints' Prayers than it is to enter quotations in Saints' Quotes, as there tends to be much more formatting necessary for each prayer.

And the new prayerbook to replace (yes other one will be removed) the old is taking far more time than I anticipated for me to feel it is truly ready.

However, Saints' Prayers just received the entire Psalter of Mary into its database, all 160 Psalms of St. Bonaventure, edited and prepared. I looked and looked for the Latin to include but could not find it. It anyone finds it, let me know, I will make it available alongside the English.

This addition has outweighed the relatively small database of Saints' Prayers, so the Psalter frequently appears. I don't know whether to be pleased or concerned. Actually, I am both. I love the consistent Marian theme, I do however want a good representation of other prayers.

I can perform some tricks to make them appear more often (right now, not accounting for Providence's more direct nudges, each has an even chance), but will hold off for the moment.

Perhaps I will include the entire Psalms of the Scriptures in Latin and English. I wish Jerusalem Bible or some later edition of the Psalms were public domain. The Douay-Rheims is the best translation for content, but we could use some slightly updated language for the Psalms in some cases at least.

Yes, I think I will do this next. The Douay-Rheims Psalms and Clementine Vulgate would likely be a very fine addition. And then when I have finished the prayerbook, along with the entire prayer database, and explanations of various devotions (scapulars, etc.) it will be uploaded.

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