Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have a good gathering of Sermon and Meditation books which I am now previewing and reading through to see which are worth uploading and which can be used for new selections for the Meditations section of 'Saints Prayers'.

I've been adding new Meditations to it that have not yet been uploaded to the point where we have four series so far, before the next lot.

This I think, along with the books themselves will be very helpful to everyone. How many people find it difficult to meditate? I think, that most everyone will answer, "I do!" and yet, we are told how important meditation is, how it is a key to the spiritual life. For people who have not yet begun, for people struggling, for people who have given up and yet feel they need to start again..

These books will be the aids many have long been looking for, or would have looked for if they knew.

In these times, few books are produced that are worthwhile. But these meditation books from the past will last forever.

One of the more unusual and strict meditation books, 'Considerations and Devout Meditations for Every Day During the Holy Season of Lent' is on Saints' Books' Index already. Lent, the Sacred Heart, St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori.. .

There will be a bright future for meditation ahead.

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