Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Saints' Books - Donation Received!

Today Saints' Books received another donation. I feel so heartened by this I am in fact quite surprised at the extent of my happiness.

I keep thinking of the good books I am more able to acquire for the site through such donations.

I am very thankful for the kindness of each person who contributes to this work.

I find it interesting that so far, Saints' Books is the site that is receiving donations. Saints' Prayers is the least finished of the sites, and Saints' Quotes the most. And Saints' Books right in the middle.

I am almost ready to take the construction sign down off of Saints' Books. What it requires is, of course, besides some further volumes -- there will always be continually added further volumes, revising, and so, the sites are only 'finished' in the sense that the main construction work is finally done -- besides some further volumes, that the extracts be extended.

That is, on the front page, they be multiplied into a more comprehensive series of readings, several especially worth reading from each book.

Other than this I may put some chapter extracts in front in a series of set 'Selections', I am not certain, I feel as if there is something more to do but not quite what it is. Of course there are more complicated things one -might- do, that I simply cannot do because of the unnecessary complexity it adds to the maintenance, visit, etc. The sites will always be simple in nature.

Site maintenance can be a mortifying experience. Recently, I discovered that Internet Explorer treated the Master Book List completely differently than Firefox, and shoved a great deal of text off in the wrong place. How long it had been that way, I did not know.

I shall be adding a very large number of quotes from St. Paul of the Cross to the Saints' Quote site in the next few days, as soon as the reviewing and editing is finished. Saints' Prayers has seen some additional prayers, Latin and English, and should have further meditations prepared before long.

I have ordered some books to draw from, for Christmas, but the huge ones still have to wait they are too great expenses. One step closer. . . Step by step.

Hearken, O Lord
Attende Domine

Crying, we raise our eyes to Thee, Sovereign King, Redeemer of all. Listen, Christ, to the pleas of the supplicant sinners.

Ad te Rex summe, omnium redemptor, oculos nostros sublevamus flentes: exaudi, Christe, supplicantum preces.

O Christ keep safe those whom Thou hast redeemed.

Quos redemisti, tu conserva, Christe.

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