Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I anticipated uploading the new prayer book sooner, the trip was productive but less so than I thought it would be in that area.

I have this 'continual improvement' going on, where I keep on thinking of what I can do to make the prayer book better, and this keeps delaying the next edition. The other day, I had some very fine ideas, that would take some time and additional antique prayer books for reference to realize (a monetary issue as well as time issue). I have also wanted to take down the old prayer book for some time now, for various relatively minor reasons and replace it. It is in many ways simply very old and from the beginning of my faith journey, I am far away from some of it and see changes that should be made to make it a more solid collection.

Hopefully I will have the prayer book up in the coming week or two. It will not be quite where I would prefer, but what ever is as perfect as we wish?

It will simply be the case that instead of being as final an update as I hoped, this will be simply a next major step.

I am feeling quite under the weather, so to speak this past day and hope I improve quickly, I am not usually so discomfited by this as I am.

I continue to sort through my old programming code and see what can be used today. I felt quite nostalgic pulling out my old project that failed because artist after artist, after signing on, abandoned it, and eventually I simply did not have the will to continue seeking them and set it aside for a later time. I wondered, looking at it, would that time ever come again, with what I have learned now? The music for the project was truly inspired.

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