Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Site News

I am wondering when I will be able to finish up the last details of the latest version of the prayerbook, it is taking time.

I have decided to make some further updates to the websites. I am preparing new email addresses for contacts, and preparing contact submission forms, and a monthly email letter.

I wish to quickly move the sites forwards to the point where I no longer have 'under construction' notices on two of them.

I am in the middle of preparing to ditch my old email addresses and update to new ones, and so am preparing the websites to be as spam resistant in regards to email contact as possible.

At once time I started user forum for a different project of mine. A few years later I had over ten thousand members of the forum, all of whom were spambots. Fighting spam is a big issue, and it is one which I have long wished attornies general would take up more seriously. There are many areas the government should keep out of in regards to the Internet, but this basic law enforcement is not one of them. Spam is like litter, is should be fined and put an end to.

I decided on the email letter because there is a need for a greater level of user participation in the sites, and I think having something like an email letter to bring the users together and start a registration program will help that.

The letter will simply consist of the newest and most notable quotes, prayers, and book excerpts for a once a month additional inspiration. So, as for the content, it will be simple and little additional work to maintain.

Being of the Carthusian bent of spirituality, and one of my goals being to keep my own self out of my work and leave it to the holy ones, this suits my purpose.

Why once a month? Why not twice? Or three or four times? Or some other period? Once a month is simply the most manageable, it is not so often as to fill up users mailboxes, it is not so rare that users forget the sites exist and all the benefits of the content.

If anyone who receives the newsletter actually fully implements even one of the quotations in a single month, it will be a tremendous achievement. I heartily advise striving to attain it.

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