Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tonight's Work

Tonight's work is spot checking the book, 'Breviary Hymns of Old Uses with an English Rendering' by Adrian Fortescue (of great fame).

Here is what I have to do. I take the book, which has already been scanned and OCRed from the Internet Archive (archive.org).

I pull up the PDF of the document, and then the OCR. The OCR, as is typical is quite poor with typos common. I then take the Latin and English, and read each line from the PDF, and compare it with the text file. The Latin is especially to be taken care with, repeated scans necessary.

Then I retype where necessary and correct.

Eventually this will become both a corrected download on Saints' Books and add a number of hymns to the prayers on Saints' Prayers.

The decision to add hymns and not only spoken/mental prayers to Saints' Prayers was made by this book, because of the quality of the hymns when translated being sufficient so that, without music, they could be read and appreciated both for the depth of meaning (and so prayed) and for their poetic nature.

There is no lack of good music in the Catholic Church, there is simply an apostasy from her which is within the hierarchy and the people, or musicians would be taking these hymns and making use of them. Though, from what I understand, properly, the liturgy does not truly interrupt for hymns, but the music is a part of the liturgy itself and so setting it to sacred, Gregorian or near Gregorian notation. And so hymns would be outside of the liturgy, at other times.

And the above, OCR, retyping work is what I need volunteers for, amongst other matters (translation the foremost).

When one runs a website one is accustomed to get few emails from the visitors, and most of these troubleshooting. Donations, thank yous, help -- This is the rarest communication.

When one receives nothing, one is thankful for the greater reward hoped for in the hearafter. But one does still need human help to make one's work as successful as can be.

Some things I can do, some things I can do slowly, and some things I cannot do -- which includes properly translating a good deal of these sites to reach broader audiences. And so -- Donations or volunteers, I have to hope for these.

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