Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am in the middle of my trip with limited Internet access (a library computer).

It is of course the time for all the problems I overlooked or missed to manifest themselves on the websites, typographical errors, download errors, and suchlike. Thanks be to God.

I certainly have a good list being prepared for fixing when I return.

In the meantime, I can do nothing, and so pray let it be.

I have while away picked up a Chinese-English dictionary at the library book sale, though I am trying to get rid of books, especially references, this is the type of reference that is a keeper.

I shall need all my best, light, foreign-language skills when the time comes to translate the websites and I have to work with people to proof them. I of course, will not be able to do anything more than a little that way but having a basic ability to look up the words used and understand a little bit of the grammar will go a long way to making certain I keep an eye over things.

I have settled on needing at least two people of each language translated -- a volunteer with bi-lingual skills for proofreading, and either a professional translator, or sufficiently motivated volunteer also sufficiently skilled for translation. While the professional need not be religious it is preferrable that at least one be if possible, and so I will attempt to find people in various Catholic circles with bi-lingual skills to help in these matters.

If you, or you know anyone who might be interested in helping translate portions of the Saints' websites, please pray and consider lending that aid.

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