Friday, July 17, 2009

Well I have a trip that will take me away for two weeks, I will try to do some last updates and responses before I leave.

St. Poemen's quotations will be entered into Saints' Quotes before I go. He has quite a few.

He is one of the early desert fathers.

I wish at this time that I could afford the Evergetinos, I would like to add some quotations from it.

'My thought was with Saint Mary, the Mother of God, as she wept by the cross of the Saviour. I wish I could always weep like that.'

St. Poemen

'The demons fight against you? They do not fight against us at all as long as we are doing our own will. For our own wills become the demons, and it is these which attack us in order that we may fulfil them. But if you want to see who the demons really fight against, it is against Moses and those who are like him.'

St. Poemen

'Just as smoke drives the bees away and also takes the sweetness out of their work, so bodily ease drives the fear of God from the soul and dissipates all its activity.'

St. Poemen

'The beginning of evil is the lack of vigilance.'

St. Poemen

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