Friday, November 20, 2009

Saints' Works

I have established a new core website to run the entire Saints' series of websites from, the php, the file storage, etc.

I am not certain if the site itself will see much public use however, merely being more of a backbone site to run and hold the essentials of all the other sites.

The website is (and there is nothing there yet)

Up till now I have been running the php and such from my old programming website, which I had intended to use to launch some entertainment oriented games for sale. There is a great lack of entertainment in these times with a Catholic moral compass, and I hoped to provide something there.

However, the artwork and other aspects proved quite difficult to finish, I had people come into the projects and bow out, leaving them without the essentials. I can program, I can write stories for entertainment, but the visual artistic content side is something I lack enough talent for. And relying on outside help means sometimes the help doesn't work out. I've finally decided to take down that site, and move on to other things. I still do work on some of these projects, but they're being put off the stove, no longer even on the backburner.

I may put up a random showcase generator on Saints' Works to showcase the other sites, or simply put up a static site with information about the others.

My previous provider, Fortune City was acquired by another host and made the transfer poorly. So the new provider will be and we shall see how well this works. The company, they say is hiring new people and doing well, and it shows up in the mainstream review sites top ten lists. It has been in business since 2005.

The price, as they say, cannot be beat. Right now 'unlimited hosting' is a popular term (not quite but that is the advertisement). This will be helpful for storing far more volumes on Saints' Books than we were able to in the construction period, where we had limited storage available.

This is all good news. :)

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