Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I received my first donation to Saints' Books the other day and it is still on my mind.

It was a great happiness to receive. Small, but more than might be expected and a great start and seed. Thanks be to God and His those He inspires.

Someday perhaps I'll be able to cover the costs of these sites through donations. And begin the further projects.

There are some very rare treasures out there, some that may never be recoverable if they aren't purchased soon -- I am speaking of antiquarian prayer books, catechisms, etc. and recent books of very limited printing of the works of the saints in English. You sometimes see a few at high prices for auctions.. and then a particular work may not appear again.

I know the spiritual treasure in many of them is infinite..

There's the Evergetinos which is about $120.00, a rare treasure with a limited printing run, full of hither to untranslated writings of the saints.

There's Fr. Furniss, Redemptorist from 1800's works, which are so rare you cannot find them anywhere at all, except a single compilation of much of his work for $350.00 at an antiquarian book seller's. If that disappears, I may never be able to acquire his writings and redistribute them.

So I pray that there are people inspired by the thought of the Heavenly treasure they receive from donating and helping share the works of the saints.

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