Friday, February 24, 2012

New Books: The Great Evil (Mortal Sin) , and further

New books by Fr. John Furniss, C.S.S.R. have been prepared:

The Great Evil which is on the subject of mortal sin.

'"What is the worst thing in the world?" A little child put up its hand and said, Please, may I answer? Yes, said the teacher. Then, said the child, I think the worst thing in the world is a great pain. The child did not give the right answer. No doubt it is frightful to see any one burnt up with fever, or cramped with cholera, or to see death tearing away the soul from the body. It is a sad thing to say the last "good bye" to those whom we love. These things make tears run down from the eye and draw sighs out of the heart. But there is something which burns more than fever, and cramps more than cholera. There is a last parting more sorrowful than the last parting with father, mother, brother, or sister. What, then, is the great bad thing? The greatest of all evils -- the evil of evils -- what is it? The greatest of all evils is -- Mortal sin. Mortal sin is so great an evil that no man living will be able to understand how great an evil it is.'

Also, God and His Perfections, The Great Question, Almighty God Loves Little Children, and further classics are available, including the famous The Sight of Hell.

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