Thursday, October 14, 2010

Saints' Books has received some major updates of late.

More great holy book editions for download.. and now excerpts from every book available posted for previewing in the main library index.

Books such as:

St. Francis de Sales - Mystical Flora or the Christian Life under the Emblem of Plants
'Come, let us trudge on through these lowly valleys of humble little virtues, and we shall find the rose amongst thorns, charity which shines forth in the midst of afflictions from within and without, the lily of purity, the violet of mortification, and many more than I can tell. But, above all, I love these three little virtues sweetness of heart, poverty of spirit, and simplicity of life; and these great exercises of charity visiting the sick, helping the poor, consoling the afflicted; but all without flurry, and with true liberty. Our arms, as yet, are not long enough to reach to the cedars of Lebanon; let us content ourselves with the hyssop of the valley.'

PDF Download

Discussions on the forums are going splendidly too. Various book studies or short excerpt studies, fun conversations, riddles and jokes and a daily cup of coffee or tea.

It truly is a friendly forum instead of a conflict/debate oriented place. Good folks.

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