Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just Beginning

I am just beginning to explore a potential vocation to the Carthusian order.

In this beginning I will try to live more the charism of the order while I am outside of it, seeing if I could accustom myself to the routine.

Meanwhile, there have been further updates and typographical corrections to Saints' Quotes.

Also, there is news on Saints' Books.

I am considering making available parallel versions of various works of the saints in English and Latin. This is a considerable piece of work, but I feel there is a great need for it.

There is also a great need to have many of the works of the saints' translated into other languages. Included in this is the quotations of the saints especially, so that the great wisdom contained in them may be shared with those who do not have access to so much of the writings of the Church.

Some of this can only be accomplished in a timely fashion with the help of donations and volunteers.

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