Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thought for the Day: The Last Judgement

Thoughts for the day.

During the Last Judgement. . .

All the theologians teach that all sins, forgiven and unforgiven, of both the just and the wicked, will be made manifest before all mankind. There will be no secret sins, not even of the saints.

This means that every single sin in your life will be made public, before all of mankind.

Perhaps today now, you will think a little more about not sinning and instead striving for virtue.

Why a public judgement? Because God has the right to have all crimes against Himself revealed, as well as His justice and mercy, the manner and fairness with which he delt with each and every man -- all will reveal the more His glory.

A man who has repented, changed and would no longer dream of committing a sin, has little to fear from revelations of the past -- compared to a person unforgiven, unrepetant, still attached to sin. This is one of the differences in repentance and holiness compared to the sinner still attached to sin and every base desire. A man who is forgiven and changed, can look back with happy tears, a man who is not -- can only be ashamed and wish for darkness that no longer exists nor ever will.

And so, men either ascend into the clear light of Heaven, or fall into the pit of Hell, fleeing from God as far as they can, yet justice cannot ultimately be escaped. There is Heaven, there is Hell, and there is judgement.

Today is the day to change, for tomorrow may be too late.

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